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During the Mythical Hen event, you will be given a mythical hen that can be fed by different ingredients. Corresponding on the type of feed the hen will lay an egg with a specific reward for your city.

You can get up to 8 different ingredients by several in-game actions (Constructing buildings, attacking/defending, researching, recruiting units and casting spells). With these ingredients you can feed the hen in the main event screen. The hen will lay an egg afterwards that contains a specific reward depending on the ingredients the hen has been fed with.

Every hen owner has their own set of unique recipes providing for different results with their mythical animal and it’s no different for you and your hen. Every time you try a new combination of ingredients, your very own recipe will be stored in your private recipe book. There you can check your known recipes and you can buy new ones for specific rewards.

There are daily and an overall rankings where you can contest with all other players for the most laid eggs. The top ranked players will receive special rewards (effects, awards) after every day.

Feeding the hen


To get an egg, you have to choose three types of chicken feed. The order in which you place the feed on the bowl does not matter and the same type of chicken feed can be selected more than once.

After you chose your feed mix, click on the "Feed now" button to offer your delicacies to the picky hen. Depending on your combination she will lay an egg with a specific reward. If this was the first time you have tried a particular combination with your hen, it will be automatically saved in your recipe book. Your hen is no ordinary animal, thus you cannot simply try recipes passed on by other hen owners - you will have to discover your own combinations to satisfy ‘’your’’ hen.

Once the feeding is done, the laid egg will then crack open and show your reward. You cannot feed the hen again unless you have collected the reward.

How to collect chicken feed

Collecting feed.png

You can randomly find additional chicken feed after pursuing one of the following in-game activities.

  • Attacking and defending
  • Recruiting units
  • Research
  • Construction of buildings
  • Casting of spells

The amount of chicken feed you can find for free is limited to 10 per day. You can buy as many additional ingredients as you want by spending gold, although the price of each ingredient will increase with each purchase by the base price (and reset at midnight).

Name Image Base price Rarity
Corn 60 regular
Grass 60 regular
Bread 60 regular
Worms 60 regular
Lettuce 90 rare
Berries 90 rare
Blossoms 90 rare
Honey 90 rare

Recipe book


The recipe book automatically saves all combinations you have found and shows which diet leads to which kind of reward with your hen. You can also conveniently see here which ingredients are missing for a certain recipe that you already discovered. If you have all the required types of chicken feed you can instantly add them to the feeding bowl just by clicking the button next to the ingredients.

You have also the option to buy a random recipe for any reward type. This recipe will contain a random level of this reward.

At some time during the event, an item will be presented that is exclusively available during a dedicated event sale. This effect lets you discover 15 new recipes in total, using ingredients of different rarities. This effect is called “Farmer’s Knowledge”.

Farmer’s Knowledge

A gathering of experienced farmers provide valuable information on what type of feed you should combine to get valuable rewards.

1 random recipes from tier 1 (recipes with 3 rare ingredients)
2 random recipes from tier 2 (recipes with 2 rare ingredients)
4 random recipes from tier 3 (recipes with 1 rare ingredient)
8 random recipes from tier 4 (recipes without rare ingredients)


All players can compete against each other in terms of produced rewards on a daily basis. Every time you create a reward, you will get a random amount of Hen Harmony Points (up to 10 pts). The ranking is based on these Hen Harmony Points. No matter which reward you create, you always have the same chance to get Harmony Points.

As soon as you produce your first reward on a day you will be listed in the daily ranking. The winner of the day (rank 1) will earn an award and an effect. Every day at 8pm the ranking gets evaluated and reset. The rewards get handed out as soon as the evaluation is finished.

Award: Egg crusher of the day

The overall ranking will work much the same as the daily ranking but it will not reset. It will run until the event ends. The top 10 players in the overall ranking list will receive several bonus rewards as soon as the event ends. The rewards are subdivided by position in the ranking list, meaning that the top 4 players will for example win special attack improvements of different strengths and absolutely unique awards.

Awards for the top 4 players of the overall ranking:


Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4
Archivo:Overall award 1.png Archivo:Overall award 2.png Archivo:Overall award 3.png Archivo:Overall award 4.png

Additional Awards

Hen Whisperer

Created 1 reward Created 5 rewards Created 25 rewards Created 50 rewards
Archivo:Created reward 1.png Archivo:Created reward 5.png Archivo:Created reward 25.png Archivo:Created reward 50.png

Elemental Analyst

Found 1 recipe Found 10 recipes Found 25 recipes Found 50 recipes
Archivo:Found recipe 1.png Archivo:Found recipe 10.png Archivo:Found recipe 25.png Archivo:Found recipe 50.png

Sweet Beak!
You have fed only Honey to the Mythical Hen three times in a row.

1st time

Flower Power
You have fed only Blossoms to the Mythical Hen three times in a row.

1st time

Golden Hen
You have discovered all of the Mythical Hen recipes.

1st time

Progress Rewards

All players that created a specific amount of eggs will get the following bonus rewards:

Amount of eggs Reward
25 Administrator reward.png You will get the administrator for 2 weeks.
50 75px You will get the exclusive hero Eurybia.